Thursday, March 27, 2008


Before we start,a small intro about the swift in the making..
The suzuki swift is a super minicar manufactured by the japanese suzuki motor corporation..It was originaly named SA-310,at its debut in 1985 but in 1986 it was renamed as featured a modest 993cc straight-3 engine delievering 50hp, capable of going 0 to 100kmph in 17.9 seconds with a top speed of 141kmph..the G10 engine was very light weighing only 63kg and was not powerful at all compared to other cars in its segment..the suspensions was lifted from the suzuki alto..

In japan the car was sold as suzuki cultus,and from 1985 to 1988 in the US and 1991 in canada it was sold by GM as chevrolet sprint and geo metro captive imports..the car was sold from 1985 to 2000 in canada as the pontiac 1998 when GM discontinued the geo line of economy cars,the metro was rebadged as chevrolet..the geo metro was the most fuel efficient car of the 1990's..Its sedan version was the third model launched by the maruti suzuki of india and was sold as the maruti 1000 and the suzuki forsa in canada..

now its about our super swift:
The perfect name for a perfect car..THE BEST car in its segment currently in india..its 1298cc of pure power..this GUY is available in petrol and also diesel versions..first lets discuss about the petrol version..three variants are available..lxi,vxi and the zxi..the zxi variant comes with features like dual front air bags,ABS with EBD in built..the showroom price range of lxi starts from 4.02lacks and will be 5.18 lacks for the zxi variant with fully loaded features..this car has a class of its own when it comes to the torque of 113Nm..the power it generates is also brutal at 87bhp at 6000 rpm..the ground clearance at 170mm is also excellent for indian conditions..the wheelbase of 2390mm is again excellent and can also handle even bigger tyres easily..look here for complete specifications..and here for different features available for all variants..the black coloured A and B pillars ala a sports car is what attracts its buyers..the slopy bonnet,the sporty look of the car is just marvellous..features like cigarette lighter,12V accessory socket in the luggauge room are provided for the zxi variant..

as u can see,what a beauty...if u have one,then you can proudly say ,i have maruti SWIFT..the highest speed in this car can be any where upto 185kmph(yes,we have personally seen the proof of this),and can easily easily reach the speeds of 140kmph without any great effort..the wider tyres in th zxi provide extra smoothness in the drive when driving at such speeds..the zxi also has an automatic climate control where in the blower speed gets adjusted automatically according to the surrounding temperature..the engine noise inside the cabin is almost negligible..the pickup,the gear ratios,the breaking are all'll observe many other vehicles trying to overtake you on highways but failing,that is swift for you...The1.3ltr engine is very reliable and can travel thousands of kilometers without any problem..the mileage one can get in this can be 12kmpl in the city and upto 15.5 on the highways..a mileage of even below 10 is normal in cities like mumbai and hyderabad and you need not worry about it..The AC is excellent and provides instant cooling..the height adjustable driver seat in the zxi model is of a great help to the drivers...
now if we come to the cons of the car,many can be found but none of them are serious..the first thing to be mentioned is the rattling problem which many people complain about..yes there is some rattling sound inside the cabin but you can easily fix them...a rattling noise comes from near the B pillar when the seat belt touches the near plastic..a rattling noise emanates from somewhere inside the left door..a rattling sound comes from the dashboard..the suspentions too sometimes make some irritating noise when travelling slowly on a bumpy road..the common gear problem with maruti can be found here too but will be much lesser than the others..there has been a gear shaft problem with the older diesel model which maruti has replaced for free for all diesel cars..the sides of the car are not straight so at timesit can be tricky when your looking back from the RVM' has to say that parking in crowded areas is deffinitely a bit tough with this car..of course you can solve it using all the three mirrors and also the parking sensorsif one has them...the boot is some what lesser compared to other cars in it class..the back seat too is a bit crampy..the paint finish of the car is too smooth and silky that it can be easily damaged...another problem is the A pillar obstructing the view of the road....even though this problem persists in all cars,it is more pronounced in this one..and if you have a absolute black film for your windows then one can rest assure that you will hit someone someday..thats all about the cons..fog lamps are provided from the vxi variant onwards..i bought the topic of fog lamps coz i need to say something about them..the fog lamps used generally in indian vehicles are of no use technically..they just add to the look of the car..a yellow light can never penetrate need high pitch colors like blue or green to be any useful to you..but our government doesnot allow such colors...this beauty created a record by standing as the CAR OF THE YEAR in various aspects in 9 countries till now including greatbritain,newzealand,australia,ireland,china,japan,iceland,malaysia and also one can imagine its impact globally...
And a swift with a rear upper spoiler makes its sportyness more vibrant.
the diesel versions available are the ldi and the vdi..the power generated by this 1248cc diesel engine is lesser than the petrol version..its 75bhp whereas it was 87bhp for the petrol version..but you will never find any difference betwwen both the cars due to the amount of torque this ddis beauty generates..its 190Nm at 2000rpm...ohhhh its just fabulous..the pickup of the ddis is just awesome..look here for more details on their specification...and here for different features available for both variants...the mileage will be around 15 in metros and can be even 20 on highways..the cons discussed for petrol variant applies to diesel version too..overall its a beauty of a car but its interiors needed to be better..the central AC vents just looks like a decade old....needed to be a little curvy....this is about the maruti swift..there is absolutely no need to say that this is THE best(beast) car in its class.if you have a zxi or a vdi you can even smoke few sedans like city,accent when you pass by...its that powerfull.....


abymittal April 6, 2008 at 11:55 AM  

the mileage of 12ks in city and 15 on highways is on the lower it wud do for me since i like the stylish looks and strong built! good preview! :)

Anonymous,  September 24, 2008 at 3:01 PM  

i liked de review very much .....i got de points dat am searcing bout de machine....