Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Honda civic sports

The Honda Civic Si is a sport compact / hot hatch version of the compact car Honda Civic built by the Japanese automaker Honda . The Si designation, which stands for "Sport Injection", was formerly used in both Japan and North America signifying the most powerful Civic available in market.

The Si was redesigned for the 2006 model year along with all other Civic trims, bringing about significant changes since the previous generation. The new car comes with a 2.0 liter i-VTEC engine that produces 197 hp (147 kW) and 139 ft·lbf (188 N·m) of torque, while also including a 6-speed manual transmission (an automatic option is unavailable) with a helical limited slip differential . Spring and dampening rates 40% stiffer than non-Si trims and stiffer sway bars have bolstered the Civic Si's handling, with the car achieving 0.90 g of lateral acceleration on the skidpad. It is also the quickest Civic Si off the line, with a factory 0-60 time of 6.7 seconds according to Honda, but with some tests posting times as quick as 6.3 seconds.
Honda introduced the Civic Si Sedan in the USA for the 2007 model year; only the JDM market had been offered Si Sedans previously. Debuted at the Chicago Auto Show , the concept featured larger 18-inch alloy wheels than its coupe counterpart, along with 4-piston Brembo brakes, and large cross drilled brake rotors. The production version lacked such concept accouterments, and the Si Sedan is mechanically almost identical to the coupe except for 60lb increase in curb weight and the extra length due to a larger wheelbase. The minor increase in weight of the Civic Si sedan is offset by its slightly-more even front/rear weight distribution percentage, resulting roughly equal performance; the sedan has a 60/40 distribution, compared to the coupe's 61/39.
In Canada, the Acura CSX Type-S was initially offered, which carries additional luxury options including leather seating.
The 2007 model changes for the Civic Si include the addition of vehicle stability assist (VSA)(Not included on Canadian models), darker silver wheels, body-color grille, and deck lid spoiler. Some slight tweaks in appearance with the reversal of the red on black color scheme for the secondary gauges and the front floor mats now have the Si logo embroidered on them. The introductory price of the Si Coupe increased by $800 for this year as well to the MSRP of $21,090.
For the 2008 model year, the Civic Si received minor tweaks that include even darker wheels than the 2007 model and a new shift boot with red stitching. Mechanical changes included a new tire pressure monitor system, a new rear upper arm that decreases the amount of rear camber, and a lowered spring rate for the coupe to match the sedan. This was also the first year the sale of the Civic Si Sedan began in Canada.
Current model:
The 2008 model year also brought into production the limited-edition 2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan that was announced at the 2007 SEMA auto show. The new Mugen sedan features a higher-flowing cat-back exhaust, track-tested sport suspension, an exclusive Mugen grill, an exclusive shift knob, Mugen Si badges on the exterior and interior, and a Mugen body kit custom designed for the USDM trim. Production is limited to only 1000 units per year, and the car carries an MSRP of $29,500. Even with additional features, the road tests showed the performance of the Mugen Si to be roughly equivalent to the standard Civic Si.
Vehicle Color Selections:
Fiji Blue Pearl (Exclusive Color; Mugen Si offered solely in this color)
Galaxy Grey Metallic
Habanero Red Pearl (Exclusive Color)
Nighthawk Black pearl
Rallye Red
Taffeta White
Alabaster Silver Metallic