Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maruti 800 Uniq launched!!!

Maruti Suzuki has announced the launch of the Maruti M800 Uniq - a special edition of the Maruti 800, the car that put India behind the wheel in the 80s.
Limited Edition or not, the M800 Uniq is the last gasp from the car that many thought would never survive so many years, and so many newer models. Maruti Suzuki’s own Alto overtook the M800 in sales a couple of years back.
So what is the M800 Uniq all about?
Here are the new ‘features’– new body graphics, beige upholstery, door trims with fabric patch, smart (smart?) lower console box, rear package tray, and dome decals here and there. No non-AC cars, all Uniq 800s will be air-conditioned.
The Maruti M800 Uniq will come at an extra cost of Rs 5,200 over the regular Maruti 800 AC, which is Rs 2,11,176 (ex-showroom Delhi).
Mind you, the Maruti 800 after all these years, is still a practical little car in the small towns and villages. It is extremely reliable, service and repairs are dirt-cheap, and if all you need is point-to-point transportation, it really is a practical choice.
I don’t think anyone who had decided to buy an Alto would step back now and buy an 800 Uniq. That is not what Maruti Suzuki is looking for either. A few people for whom the Alto looked a bit too expensive, and would have gone for the 800 anyway, would be tempted to buy the M800 Uniq. A little push in sales, perhaps.