Thursday, April 17, 2008

adsense,how it works?

what is adsense?
adsense is a innovative program started by Google where publishers can display relevant ads on their website.These ads will be provided by Google once the publisher registers with Google adsense program..

what should i have to be a part of adsense program?
first of all you must be above 18 yrs..
You must have a website which acceptable by here to what all your site CANNOT have.
you must have a valid payee name and an acceptable address to receive your payments..
if you dont have any website,you can start a free site using blogger.

okay,i have a site,what next?
register for adsense by filling the adsense registration form.Provide valid name,address,email address..
but before you apply make sure that your site has ENOUGH content for it to be accepted.Google ads cannot be placed in a non content page.
now once your done your done with application process,keep your fingers crossed untill your application is accepted..
if you ever try to login into your adsense account while its in review you will see a message "account not active".
you will see public service ads in your site while your application is under review,for which you will not be paid a penny..
generally it'll take about a week for any application to be verified and accepted depending on the number of applications received at that time..

my application is not accepted,what should i do?
google will mail you in case your applicatiom is not accepted.Find out the reason why you were not accepted.Try to solve that issue,build more quality content..U can always apply again..

application approved,what next?
First of all congrats.You are a part of google's prestigious adsense.Login to your adsense account.Basically there are three types of adsense ads or rather adsense types you can have.Adsense for content,referrals and adsense for search.There is also another one call adsense for mobile which you can use if you have a site which is accessible through mobiles..

first adsense for content:click on the adsense setup tab at the top.Then click on the adsense for content.Check the adunit part and let the text and image (default) be selected.Go to the next page and select the ad format you prefer..You can choose the colour which best suits your web page.Go to next page and you'll see channels,which can be used to track the performances of ads in different places.You can skip that at this point.go to next page and click 'submit and get code'.In the next page you'll see the code in a box..Copy the code and paste it in note pad first for safety purposes.Next place the code in the the html part of your webpage where you want to see the ad..If your using blogger,log into your blogger account and click layout tab and then 'add a page element' tab and then scroll down to he html/java that option and paste the code in the place provided.See to that the code is EXACTLY the same as that in the note pad.You shouls not alter the code which is against the google's terms..And then click add..normally your ads appear instantly..Save it and then see your web page for the ad you've just added.If you dont see the ad,recheck the code to be similar as that in the notepad..generally code will be deterred a bit if your using a WYSIWIG site.
you can add upto 3 adsense for content ads in any page acceptable by google.

referrals: using referrals you can add any ad which you like into your webpage..Unlike adsense for content where you cannot encourage your users to click on the ads,you can do so here since they are not cost per click(CPC) ads..You only get paid if a conversion occurs..for example a conversion for google pack occurs if the user has downloaded the the pack for first time and installs it..And the conversion rates can be different for different ads..Here you can choose from a variety of options like business ads,realty,internet,social networks and soo on.
You can also see when a conversion occurs by clicking the conversion details link beside each ad..
You can have upto 3 referral units in a page..

Adsense for search:you can add a search button in your page for users to either search your own site or the web.You will get paid when a user clicks on any google ad on a page that has been opened through a search action..
You can have upto two adsense for search buttons in addition to the two described above..

i've added ads but see no money in my account?
this is simply because no clicks have occured..First check how many page impressions occured to your web pages..A page impression occurs if any user opens webpage..If your page has 3 adsense for content ads then 3 page impressions occur if any person views your site once..
even if there are one or two clicks,your total amount may be showing 'zero',,this is because clicks have occured for low paying ads..high paying ads appear in your site,if you have content which you can see no where,so no wonder advertisers pay huge amounts to post their ads in such websites..publicizing can greately improve your earnings

why do i see " update you tax information" when i log into my account?
When you reach 10$ using adsense you can update your tax information..follow the steps shown there..
there the final step will be to enter a PIN number which google will send you through standard mail to verify your postal address..
untill you enter you PIN number a message your payments are currently under a hold will appear..

how do i track my users?
You can do so by using Google analytics..By using analytics you can find out from where the traffic comes to your site,by which means traffic comes to your site,users browsers their screen resolutions and a lot more..register for Google analytics and enjoy all these services..

You cannot have two active adsense accounts running at any point.If Google finds it at any time,you are just banned.Google has zero tolerance towards such things and ofcourse they can afford to do that since there are 10 and your are none..
Ofcourse you can stop or cancel your previous account and start a new account by mailing to Google.But if you have any earnings below 10$(or 15$ i'm not sure),they will be forfeited.Any higher amount will be transferred to your new account..
You can have your adsense ads running in more than one website which is again acceptable by google.there is no need to open a new adsense account for it, which ofcourse you cannot do..

even after all this being done correctly there may be something wrong,and there is place for you to put your question forward and get the required reply almost instantly and that place is the adsense forum..if you are still not satisfies with the replies yougot you can always write to google using the google help..

there are many optimisation tips discussed by google to improve your earnings.Do follow them for better results..

above all, be sure that you are not violating any of the programme policies set by Google.

right,what should i NOT do to protect my adsense account?

First and the most important thing is obviously,dont click on your own ads..
inspite of taking many precautions mistakes do occur when we sometimes click by mistake.It is always good to follow up to Google,saying them why it has happened and say it would not happen again.You may or may not be excused,depending upon your luck.So be very carefull in this aspect.

Dont alter the code provided by Google in any way or else get banned..

Dont tell your friends that you have a adsense account and you will get paid when ever someone clicks on your ads.They may think that they are doing favour to you by clicking on your ads but they are not..rapid clicking on ads from the same IP is a fraud,which google can easily never ask your friends to click on your ads.

Saying your family about your adsense is ok,but do tell them NOT to click at any point and never let anyone to open your site from the system or laptop which YOU use to log into your account.When you loginto your account from a computer Google records the IP of that computer and when your naughty sister or mother opens your site from the same computer and clicks on your ads,your gone..Coz it looks as if you are clicking your own ads..

Never log into your account from any public places such as any internet cafes,or even your office..The same thing as described above may happen in this case too..

Dont make your site as the home page in any computer you use..

The content in your site should not in any way obstruct the ads provided by Google..

If you use any other ads those which are not provided by Google,make sure that they are clearly distinguishable from the Google ads.

Check your adsense account frequently for any fraud action that may take place..If you suspect any fraud click in your site then it is always better to follow up to Google,and better to remove your ads for the time being..

when in doubt whether you can use certain feature or write some content it is always advised to ask Google first and then continue with it.

You may or may not be warned before you get banned,so be very frank using adsense..


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

marriages made simple

"Our boy should get a match of our range .There should be atleast 10 crores in the name of the girl",a wish of an average billioneer wife..
"daddy,i want a person who is working in a BPO company",a wish of a girl working in BPO industry.
" go forward only if the person is a government employee",a wish of an average middle class mother.
wondering how to know these niche things?
do not worry there are millions of websites which concentrate only on a particular sector of people..

software:this is the world of computers,so no wonder if the bride or the groom wants his/her partner to be in the same field..there is a website for this niche area of matches..look here for more details..this bpo website was started in april 2007.five thousand people have already registered in that site and also one fourth of then even got their matches right..

government matches:There used to be days where there was enormous demand for government employees..Now its a bit slowed down due to the 'real' and 'soft' boom..Even now if some body wants a government match then just click here and find your match..

30 plus: "three tens have gone by,now from where will you bring matches to our son?",a wife asks his husband..dont worry,there is a site where there are only 30 plus people..look here for more information..infact what could be the main reason for not getting married till 30 yrs? due to lack of suitable match..its as simple as that..
but one thing to say is that above site at present able to serve only for the people from ahmedabad,gujarat..Very soon it is expanding to the whole country..

wealthy match:a millioneer or a billioneer wants his daughter to marry another very rich person,and there's nothing wrong in that..many VIP's,business persons can find suitable matches for their child here..many people all over the world incuding britain,US,new zealand and also from the cities of india bangalore,delhi,mumbai,hyderabad have already registered in here..and many hundreds of them even got married..

no dowry:"the money which i earn is enough,and i dont need a single penny from other side",if any person thinks in this manner then there is a site for him.." i'll marry a person who doesn't expect a single rupee from me",way of thinking of today's moderns girls..look here for more information..this site started two years back and is serving many like kinded people..

after divorse: look here and also here for second time marriage...

and also here for HIV positive people..this is a great idea by the government of maharashtra to start such a site for HIV patients,just to give a small hope of life to them..



  • There is a ban on chewing gum in singapore?the reason behind this is that it spoils the surroundings..
  • after sun sets,it is banned to sing aloud such that others can hear?This is implemented in the hawaai islands..
  • BBC radio broadcasting has begun in 1922?
  • in Russia,whether it is an occasion of a marriage or someone's death,there is a ritual of giving flower bokays..But if its an occasion of a marriage the number of flowers in the bokay must be an even number..
  • a person who lives for 70 yrs consumes 5000 litres of drinking water..?
  • a diamond turns into vapour if heated to 1405 degree farenheit?
  • skin is the largest organ in human body? it spans nearly 25 sq.feet for an average sized person..
  • one fourth of the bones in the human body appear in the feet of a person..?
  • the first man in the world to run a lending library was benjamin franklin..?
  • the fear for death is called as 'necrofobia'?
  • the first three industries responsible for environmental pollution are iron,steel and cement?
  • a kangaroo kid is called joy?
  • vitamin C can be found in plenty in strawberry than an orange?
  • a human eye can differentiate 1 crore colours?
  • there are 17 different species of penguin?
  • there is a rule made by the american congress in 1832 according to which a person should be without any food for a day in a year.Neither the people followed that nor the government imposed any punishment for not following the rule.
  • noodles were made in china 40 thousand years back?
  • a small cat which is just born can neither see nor hear?
  • a man who got 4 gold medals in berlin olympics in 1936,later has to race with horses for his being in this world?That man is none other than jessy owens of america..
  • INDIA is the country having largest number of post offices..
  • prior to 1896,diamonds are distributed across the world from INDIA(according to gemological institue of america)
  • the first monument to be made of granite is in INDIA?its the brihadishwaraalay in took 80 tonnes of granite to construct this temple..
  • the organisation having largest number of emloyees in the world is the INDIAN RAILWAYS?It is serving over 10 lack employees.
  • the game of chess was invented by indians?
  • INDIA has 3 lack masjid's?..No other muslim country or territory has these many masjid's.
  • INDIA has not occupied any other country since 5000 years.
  • Oak trees are the most affected to thunders?
  • the smallest word which can be made from a,b,c,d,e,f is 'feedback'?
  • sonia gandhi gets more than thousand letters a month?
  • mclaren,mclean the person who acted in the marlboro man,eventually died due to lung cancer?
  • people with beard used to pay seperate tax in Russia during peter the greats empire?
  • there is an allowence in america,according to which people can have their own names to mountains which previously did not have any name?
  • the only year which looks same whether looked from top or bottom is '1961'..the other year is 6009.
  • the fingers of people who work a full day on a keyboard tend to move a distance of 12 miles?
  • 10% of the land in the world is occupied by the himalayan mountains?
  • the most shiniest city when vied from the space is Las vegas?
  • the largest frog is the goliat frog,which grows for 34cms?
  • vatican city occupies only 109 acres?
  • compared to cow's milk, a camel's milk has 10% more iron?
  • the rule of seat belt in a car was brought first time in 1984 in new york..
  • the reel of a 60 min audio cassette will be 565 feet long?


what numbers say?

33%...............the percentage of people who earn less than 40rs per day in INDIA.

50LAKHS.......the number of foreign tourists visiting INDIA last year.

4,35,924.......the number of motor cycles sold in december 2007 in INDIA.

Rs.80 lakhs.......the cost of a ticket for a space tour in virgin galactic space ship.

58%......................the percent of people in america not receiving salary hikes in accordance with their life standards.

Rs.25,00,00,000....the cost of roses that were sold on valentines day this year in INDIA.

3,30,000 tonnes.......the e-waste produced in 2007 in INDIA.But only 19thousand tonnes were re-processed .

Rs.7.2 crores................the amount government of india spent for investigating the babri masjid blast case.This case is being dealt by the liberhann commission.

21.5%.................................the percent of women who smoke in united states.About 4.5% people smoke in US's total population.Amazingly this is 11.2 % in INDIA.

1411..................................... the number of tigers in INDIA at the beginning of 2008.this number was 3642 in the year 2002.

25 kgs .................................on average the amount of chocolate an american eat in an year.

40% .....................................the percent of people who speak hindi in INDIA.

900 ......................................number of movies released in INDIA on an average.

56% ......................................the percent of children between 8-15yrs who have a TV in their bedroom in US.

800 .......................................the number of earth quakes that occur in an year in the british columbia..This number is over thousand when it comes to japan..

17,50,000 ............................the number of small cars that were sold in INDIA in 2007..this has a market share of 61%.

10 million billion ..................the number of calculations a human mind can do in one second.

Rs.240crores........................the amount US spent to destroy a satellite recently..

3...............................................the number of soldiers per thousand people in INDIA..

346 .........................................the number of airports in INDIA..

4.73kgs ................................ the weight of an elephant's brain..

50 ...........................................the number of people using telephone per thousand people in INDIA.

0.5% ...................................... the percent of houses insured for natural disasters in INDIA..

9.8crores ............................the number people suffering from obesity in INDIA..

17 cms ..................................the sea level rise in the 20th century..

26% .......................................the number of houses in villages in which only one person can read or write..

45,000 kms..........................the total length of rivers in INDIA..


Thursday, April 10, 2008



The magician shuffles the deck and fans the cards out and asks you to select one. You are ask to look at it and remember it. You are then asked to place it any where you like in the deck. The magician then closes up the deck and shuffles well. Your card is now well and truly lost in the deck. The magician then quickly selects your chosen card.This trick is very similar to the‘Cutting the Corner’ trick but is done in a different way and may be simpler to perform.

Again this trick requires a modified deck. You will need a pack ideally that has a border around the pattern on the back of the deck. As shown in the picture use a pin to remove some of the ink across one corner of every card, must be one corner only! When you have your deck ready just make sure all the cards are arranged in the same direction. When the volunteer takes their selected card you turn your deck through 180 degrees so when the selected card is returned it is now the other way around to all the others. Shuffle and select the chosen card with ease!
The magician sorts the deck into a pile of red cards and a pile of black cards, face up. He then turns them upside down and riffle shuffles them into each other and then continue several over hand shuffles explaining that the cards are now well and truly mixed up.The cards are then dealt back into two piles, face down and when turned over they are back in red and black order!

Again you will need the directional pack of cards we made in the previous trick, ‘One – Way Cards’. Start with them all in the same direction, mixed up. Sort into the two piles, when you riffle shuffle turn one set through 180 degrees so when they mix the red and blacks are in opposing directions. Shuffle over hand as much as you like and then sort into piles using the direction markings.
PS. Don’t worry about the two nines in the shuffle picture, the photo was done with a Svengali deck which is a whole other story!
The magician riffles through the entire deck in a fraction of a second and looks at all the cards. A tells everyone that he now knows the order of every card in the deck! The first card is easy as everyone can see it, so says, 3 of diamonds. The deck is then put behind his back and the front card is put to the back and the deck is brought back out facing the audience. The new front card is correctly predicted. Again the cards are put behind the magicians back and the front card put to the back, brought out and correctly identified. The magician repeats this until everyone is satisfied that he knows the entire deck!

Audience’s v iew (card moved to your view of the next card
side to explain, in position for trick)

When you riffle the deck you must remember the second card, forget the rest! When you put the deck behind you the first time take the first and the remembered second card and put them face up on the back of the deck in reverse order so the remember card is now at the front. Say this card out loud. You are now looking at the front of the deck and the audience are looking at the back! You can see the next card, remember it and put it to the ‘new’ front when it’s behind you, repeat until you have gone through 20 or 30 cards! You cannot go to the end or your secret will be revealed!
Save this trick if a pack of cards ever comes out at a dinner table after a meal.The magician takes a pack of cards face down and riffles through them and asks you to say stop. You are then given the choice of the card at the split or the next one above. You take this card and remember it whilst the magician puts both halves of the deck on the table. You then have the choice to place your card on top of any one pile. The magician then puts his fingers on your card to hold it in
place and puts the other pile on top and removes his fingers just in time. He picks up the deck and riffles it. Then lays it flat in his palm and pushes his arm forwards so half the cards fall on the table. The top card in the magicians hand is revealed to be your card!

The secret has something to do with the magician putting his fingers on your card! You need a few grains of salt on your finger tips, then when you remove your fingers a few remain. This will be sufficient to make the cards split at this position..


Wednesday, April 9, 2008



Did you know that you can tell the value of a card by how flexible it is?The more ink content the stiffer and the less ink content the more flexible. For example a picture card such as a king has lots of ink and is therefore stiff and a low value card such as a two has less ink and is less stiff.Did you know you can also tell the suit of the card by feeling the face of the card with your fingers?The magician takes the top card off a shuffled and cut deck and holds it facing you. He flexes the card to determine the stiffness and feels the front of the card. He then reveals the selected card is the 7 of spades. The next card is taken, he bends the card again between his thumb and forefinger and feels the front and reveals correctly that it is the king of hearts. Finally, you are asked to take a card of your choice from the deck and pass it back to the magician. He repeatsthe process and gets it right again!

The secret to this trick is simple. When you flex the card in your hand, if you bend it sufficiently you can see the the bottom corner ofthe face of the card as show in the picture.


The magician passes you two cards and asks you to return them to the deck he is holding anywhere you like. They can be together or apart. As you are about to place then he says, ‘I hope you remembered them?’. You take another quick look and place them in the deck. He then taps the deck on the table to make all the edges neat, telling you it disguises the location of your two cards. He then riffles the deck. Places his thumb and second finger on the top and
the bottom of the deck whilst holding the deck firmly in his other handand then snaps your two cards straight out of the deck!

The solution to this trick is deception. Notice from the pictures the first two cards you start with are not the two cards you finish with. Almost everyone will not notice this especially if you don’t give them long to remember them and secondly spend a few moments riffling the deck and tapping it on the table etc! Start with the final cards on the top and bottom of the deck and then hand the opposite cards to your volunteer to start the trick. Then just pull the top and bottom
cards off with the snap move. It happens fast and looks great. It is recommend to use the 7 of spades and 8 of clubs along with the 7 of clubs and 8 of spades.
The magician shows you a pack of cards and places it under a large handkerchief. With the cards now covered he asks you to make a cut in the deck. You keep hold of the cut through the handkerchief and the remaining cards are brought back out. You are then shown the top card which you cut to. The deck is put back together and you are handed a small piece of paper and a pen. You are asked to draw a picture of your card on the paper and fold it up as small as you can. This is then held over an empty ash tray and set on fire! The magician sprinkles the ashes on to his forearm and rubs them in with his hand. The card you selected is revealed in ash on the magicians arm! David Blaine has a variation of this trick, I have to say it’s been around a lot longer than he has but nether the less is a great trick!

The two secrets for this trick are as follows.The trick is known as a force, the volunteer is forced to select a card even though they think they have a choice. When the deck is put under the handkerchief turn the deck upside down, then after the cut turn it back again so the volunteer is forced to take the original top card. The forced card is drawn on your arm with wet soap prior to doing the trick. When theash is rubbed into your arm it will stick on the soap even when it’s dry..
The magician shuffles the deck and places it on the table, face down.Your are then asked to cut the cards and place the two piles side by Side. Pile 1 are the set that were on the table originally, and pile 2 are the cards moved off the top. Your are then asked to take the top card at the cut position which is the top card from pile 1. You are asked to remember this card, then you place it on top of pile 2. Then finally you are asked to place pile 1 on top of pile 2. The magician takes the
deck and riffles it, then cuts several times and instantly throws yourselected card out on to the table!

Before you perform this trick you need to modify your deck of cards.Take a pair of nail clippers and cut the corner off one card, not too much just increase the radius on the corner slightly. Then repeat on the opposite corner of the same card. Ensure this card is at the bottom of the deck and when you shuffle and make sure it stays at the bottom of the deck. When you perform the trick the selected card will be below this modified card (when the deck is face down). Youcan then throw out on to the table the selected card.


Sunday, April 6, 2008


  • The Biggest room in the world is the room of SELF-DEVELOPMENT.
  • There are 3 ages the CHRONOLOGICAL Age, THE BIOLOGICAL Age, and THE PSYCHOLOGICAL Age. The next time somebody asks you about your age ask back “which age you mean?” .
  • One thing common to all successful people is that they have wonderful relationships with the members of society.
  • What you are is a gift of God. What you make of yourself is a gift to God.
  • When you wake up in the morning, there are only two choices- TO BE HAPPY or TO BE UNHAPPY. What do you think you should choose? .
  • When somebody, whom you have helped in the past, helps you – treat it as a bonus. This is the remedy for all disappointments in life.
  • All inventions in this world were brought about by dissatisfied people. Satisfied people chose to sleep.
  • Time is the only thing that is given to all of us perfectly equal amounts, but badly misused.
  • The poor and the prime minister get exactly 24 hours – nothing less, nothing more. But look at the quality of the prime minister’s 24 hours.
  • I waste time. Time wastes me and it quits.
  • It’s said that time is your life; you waste time, you waste your life.
  • To become successful in life, it is easy. Copy the person you want to become, after sometime you become him.
  • Copy the original. After some time you become the original. Sometimes, the copy may become better than the original.
  • People who don’t have goals are doomed to work for people with goals.
  • People who set goals much earlier in life become disproportionately successful when compared to their counterparts.
  • Help somebody because you wanted to help him, not because you want to get helped in return.
  • The more you give, the more you get. Helping somebody can be compared to a boomerang – the more you help, the more you get.
  • If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.
  • If you do not have a smiling face, you cannot open a shop.
  • Smile is a powerful weapon in relationships.
  • When you smile, the world smiles with you.
  • Think of one of your friends, who are not as intelligent as you are. But he is more successful than you are, entirely because he has a smiling face.
  • If you don’t have a smiling face and you want to develop one, as per medical doctor’s suggestion – stand in front of the mirror, practice smiling 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks. If you don’t succeed, go to the best plastic surgeon nearby, fix your face in a smiling position. Life immediately starts working.
  • There are six billion inhabitants on this planet. It is my job to be comfortable with them. It is not their job to make me feel comfortable.
  • 97% of human beings do not reach their goals because they do not write them down.
  • Don’t postpone until 12, lest you may die at 11.30.
  • The past does not empower you, but the future does!
  • Failure plus a wonderful explanation is not equal to success.
  • What you say is not important. What you do is more important.
  • Happiness is permanent, pleasure is temporary. Happiness comes from within, pleasure comes from without.
  • What gave you pleasure yesterday, stops giving you pleasure today.
  • Fake it before you make it, does not matter even if you look artificial.
  • Do you like to be criticized? Then why do you think somebody else likes it?
  • Expecting nothing from anything/everything is the essence of happiness.
  • Appreciating in public, criticize in private.
  • Pretend enthusiasm. When you pretend enthusiasm, your life is full of enthusiasm.
  • We must be content with what we are, but we ought to be thoroughly dissatisfied with what we have accomplished so far
  • Nobody has died of hard work. People have died of heart-attack.
  • Don’t hang on to the past. The most important point is what can be done now!.
  • In the initial stages, when you appreciate somebody, you may seem artificial. But, later it becomes natural.
  • Honesty is simply telling the truth! Integrity is incorporating truth into our life.
  • Ask somebody what he wants to become in the next 5 years- he falls in love with you.
  • All successful people walk 25% faster than their counterparts. Conversely if you can walk 25% faster, you ought to become successful.
  • Relaxation is like a brain tonic. It soothes the tensed nerves and muscles of the body.
  • Anybody you known, knows a minimum of 250 people. Do you realise the power of networking?
  • When you make demands on people, after some time your network dries up.
  • Imagine you have a vehicle. You go on using it only in the first gear. What happens? After 5000 km, the engine seizes. That means the engine is designed to last 100,000kms in the 4th gear, not in the first gear. Similarly, this body is designed to last 100 years in the 4th gear and often in the neutral gear. But how often we catch ourselves in the first gear, 2nd gear and the 3rd gear, but rarely in the 4th gear!
  • Imagine you are in a special state of mind “you know that you know, but you don’t know”. In this state, the answer is in you throat, but not in the fingers. After you come home and take a cold shower bath, the answer pops out-entirely because of poor memory recall.
  • A picture is worth a million words.
  • Opportunity knocks but once.
  • What you study is not important; what you remember of what you have studied is more important.
  • 95% of people read history, only 5% create history.
  • Millions of cockroaches came into this world, a similar number left. It is only human beings like us who can create history.
  • Put your heart into what you are doing the body follows.
  • We come into this world but once.
  • Any success aimed at prosperity is not success. Success aimed at contribution is real success.
  • Memory is like a knife. The more you use it, the more sharp it becomes.
  • Memory is what you make of it.
  • Visual memory is always more powerful than auditory memory.
  • top of the ladder is never crowded..
  • All successful people remember a large member of names. Conversely, if you remember a large number of names, you ought to become successful.
  • A winner never quits. A quitter never wins.
  • The color of a balloon does not matter—what is inside the balloon is what matters.
  • People use only 10% of their brain. When we use a little more we look like Einstein’s.
  • It is said that people die before the open their eyes.
  • There is nothing wrong with your memory. There is everything wrong with you memory recall.
  • The word ‘forgetting’ does not exist. What exists is failure to recall at a given time.
  • All of us use only 15% of the communication skills. Rest of the time we are only repeating, clarifying and creating confusion.
  • Whatever success, prosperity and promotions we have achieved today is the result of 15% communication we are doing rightly. This tantamount to say that if we sharpen our skills of communication to 16%, 17%, 25% the same we ought to become more successful and prosperous.
  • I love chocolates. For a strange reason, when I go fishing I don’t dangle chocolates, but earthworms. What I like is not what the fish likes. When you fail in life, when you are not as successful as you should be, ask yourself a very honest question:

“What is there at the other end of the fishing rod?”

For a week’s picnic, we prepare for months. Is there any preparation for an 80- year picnic (Life)!

  • What happens is not important; how you take the matter is more important.
  • 75% of the Americans decided to develop their speaking and communication skills over and above materialistic things, because they knew that once they master speaking skills, rest of the things are mandatory in life.
  • All of us operate in this world with a set of glasses – OPTIMISTIC/PESSIMISTIC; WHICH glass you are wearing determines your future and life’s experience.
  • If I look at people with pessimistic glasses, wherever I see, I find dangerous people, non-cooperative people and life looks like a misery. If I look at the same people with optimistic glasses, wherever I see, I find wonderful people, nice people, co-operative people and life looks like an 80-year picnic (life).
  • All successful people have an extra spring an extra spring in standing up, an extra spring in sitting down, an extra spring in talking, walking & relationships in the work- place. That is why they are successful.
  • Between the hater and the hated, who suffers more?
  • In any given situation for any human being, there are only 3 choices in behavior- PASSIVE, AGGRESSIVE, ASSERTIVE.
  • Have you seen some people who are 25 and look 45? Have you seen some others who are 45 but look 25? The essence is stress management.
  • The funeral fire consumes you at the end of your life. But the fire of stress is consuming you every second, every minute, little by little.
  • Technical skills can be hired and fired. But relationships cannot be hired and fired.
  • Whatever thoughts you had in the past, results in what you are today. If you don’t change your thoughts today, your future will remain the same.
  • The by-product of people’s love is prosperity and success.
  • Love people unconditionally and the have only one way of loving you in return that is showering you with prosperity.
  • Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.


internet using ur phones bluetooth

I have made this still easier for newbies to follow. I have checked it on my 6600.
This will work on most s60 phone I guess! it has been tested on an NGAGE and on 3650!
step 1: Creating an access point on your phone!
Go to tools\settings\connection\access points\options\new access point>default settings...
these are the settings u need there.
Connection Name : Anything (anything you remember coz you'll be using it later)
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access Point Name: The name you gave to your bluetooth connection when pairing up with the computer...
Username : None
Password : No
Authentication : Normal
Gateway IP Address :
and that's all on this on this part..
then go to:
tools/settings/connection, and select GPRS
set the GPRS connection to "when available", and the access point to "none".
The settings on your phone are done! now... the next step;
Create a serial port connection from your pc to your phone (u've done this before if u ever used Pc suite from nokia), this serial connection must be ON everytime you want to use your pc internet connection as a gprs connection for ur phone!!
Install the software you need to surf the web (opera, netfront, my web page etc..)
My advise to you is to use netfront, the options are pretty cool and it uses less memory meaning you can still run other program such as agile at the same time
done? then your ready to use ur phone to surf and chat for free!!
hope this helped you and is simple and clear!! any question?? you know where to post, this will be updated if many doubts come up.


Friday, April 4, 2008

secret codes for nokia

*#0000# -->displays the phone model,software version,date when the software was built..
*#06# -->displays the IMEI number(international mobile equipment identify)
*#2820# -->displays the bluetooth device address of your mobile
*#7370# -->restores the phone settings to those set in the factory while manufacturing..when you press this ,it asks for a lock code and 12345 is the default lock code..all data in your phone memory will be lost by doing this..
*#7780# -->this is for doing a soft format..this is different from the above hard format since this will not erase your contacts,messages,calender,notes etc..
the next 5 codes are for the older 40 series models..
*4720# -->activates Half Rate, Half Rate is 5.6kbit/s and uses half the bandwidth at the cost of call quality. Network operators often activate half rate on overloaded towers during peak times to save costs.
#4720# -->Deactivates Half Rate
*3370# -->Activates Enhanced Full Rate, EFT attempts to match wire quality. The calls are 12.2kbit/s and are not supported by all operators. It is compatibale with the hightest AMR mode.
#3370# -->Deactivates Enhanced Full Rate
*#746085685# -->displays the sim lock status..
*#7370925538# -->Reset the mobile wallet (Phone must have the mobile wallet feature) for new 60/80 series phones..

now this one is a fantastic discovery....

X# --> Where X is any number...when you press a number say 6 in th stand by mode and press # afterwords,the phone number of the sixth contact in your contacts lists appears..try it to believe it...

GSM CODES :You might know the purpose of call barring,call diverting,caller line identification,call waiting,diverting fax calls,diverting data calls right???all nokia phones(well,almost) have ready menus for performing these tasks..but if you want to try the same something differently,just follow these steps.....

Call Diverting

To Activate: * * 21 * NUMBER # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 21 # [SEND]T

o Check: * # 21 # [SEND]

No Answer

To Activate: * * 61 * NUMBER # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 61 # [SEND]

To Check: * # 61 # [SEND]


To Activate: * * 62 * NUMBER # [SEND

]To Cancel: # # 62 # [SEND]

To Check: * # 62 # [SEND]


To Activate: * * 67 * NUMBER # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 67 # [SEND]

To Check: * # 67 # [SEND]

To Cancel

All Call Forwarding # # 002 # [SEND]

Diverting Data Calls

All To Activate: * * 21 * NUMBER * 25 # [SEND]

To Cancel:

# # 21 # * 25 [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 21 # * 25 # [SEND]

No Answer

To Activate: * * 61 * NUMBER * 25 # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 61 * 25 # [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 61 # * 25 # [SEND]


To Activate: * * 62 * NUMBER * 25 # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 62 # * 25 # [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 62 # * 25 # [SEND]


To Activate: * * 67 * NUMBER * 25 # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 67 # * 25 # [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 67 # * 24 # [SEND]

Diverting Fax Calls

All To Activate: * * 21 * NUMBER * 13 #[SEND]

To Cancel: # # 21 # * 13 # [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 21 # * 13 # [SEND]

No Answer

To Activate: * * 61 * NUMBER * 13 # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 61 * 13 # [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 61 # * 13 # [SEND]


To Activate: * * 62 * NUMBER * 13 # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 62 # * 13 # [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 62 # * 13 # [SEND]


To Activate: * * 67 * NUMBER * 13 # [SEND]

To Cancel: # # 67 # * 13 # [SEND]

To Check Status: * # 67 # * 13 #[SEND]

Call Barring

Before you can activate these barring services you will need a barring code from your service provider. Call Barring can not be activated if Call Forwarding diverts are already in use.All Calls

To Activate: * 330 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Cancel: # 330 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 330 # [SEND]

All Outgoing Calls

To Activate: * 333 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Cancel: # 333 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 333 # [SEND]

All Incoming Calls

To Activate: * 353 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Cancel: # 353 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 353 # [SEND]

All Outgoing Calls

To Activate: * 33 * BARRING CODE# [SEND]

To Cancel: # 33 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 33 # [SEND]

All Outgoing International Calls

To Activate: * 331 * BARRING CODE# [SEND]

To Cancel: # 331 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 331 # [SEND]

All Outgoing International Calls Except To Home Country

To Activate: * 332 * BARRING CODE# [SEND]

To Cancel: # 332 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 332 # [SEND]

All Incoming Calls

To Activate: * 35 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Cancel: # 35 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 35 # [SEND]

All Incoming Calls When Outside Home Country

To Activate: * 351 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Cancel: # 351 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

To Check: * # 351 # [SEND]

Canceling All Call Barring # 330 * BARRING CODE # [SEND]

Call Waiting

To Activate: * 43 # [SEND]

To Deactivate: # 43 # [SEND]

To Check: * # 43 # [SEND]

Calling Line IdentityOutgoing

To Activate: * 31 # [SEND]

To Deactivate: # 31 # [SEND]

To Check: * # 31 # [SEND]


To Activate: * 30 # [SEND]

To Deactivate: # 30 # [SEND]


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Toolbars for your browser

Ever heard of a toolbar other than google or yahoo??try these toolbars which exactly suits your requirements..
1.alexa toolbar:
and do you know that alexa is the world's first toolbar for any browser..
2.alavista toolbar:
3.dogpile toolbar: toolbar:
5.MSN toolbar: hippo toolbar: toolbar:
8.pacers toolbar: toolbar:
11.headline toolbar/rss:
12.torrent toolbar: tv toolbar: