Tuesday, May 13, 2008

online paid surveys

what are online surveys?
Online surveys are the campaigns conducted by different companies to collect valuable information about their products from their customers.

why only through online surveys?
There are many other ways to get the feedback from the customers but online surveys are the easiest.It is virtually impossible for the company delegates to get onto the streets in search of their customers and ask for their feedback.So they take the help of some institutions which conduct online surveys.Through online surveys, companies can easily find their customers since only their customers will be sent a survey to be taken.

So how do i start?
First you need to register yourselves on a online survey conducting site.You need to provide few details about you so that companies can trace you and send surveys to your mail should you be eligible to take them.

How much can i earn?
Well,it depends on the type of surveys you take.The more frequent you participate in surveys,the more you receive surveys and the more you earn.

There are many websites that conduct surveys,how can i trust them?
every good cause will always be followed by a bad cause.Yes there are many sites which pretend to conduct surveys and take your valuable information.What you need to look for is whether they have a private policy or not.Scroll to the bottom of their site and find for a privacy policy.Just briefly go through it and if you find it reasonable then join that site.If you don't find a privacy policy then for sure its a fake site.Keep away from them.

briefly about different online surveys.
Well,as i said there are millions of online survey conducting sites that offer free registration but most of them are fraud.If you are from INDIA then corp scan online is the first site to tell about.It offers many good surveys and frequent too.It doesnt send surveys to emails but you have to frequently visit their site to look at current online surveys.Depending on the length of the surveys,it pays you that many rupees.Most of the surveys are 2 pointer surveys but you also get surveys of upto 10 pointer frequently enough.Each point is equivalent to 20 INR.So you take a survey of 5 mins which is a 2 pointer,you get 40 rupees.If you visit the site frequently enough then you can make a minimum of 1000rs per month easily.But be genuine while answering the questions.
For some surveys you first need to get through a screener to qualify for the main survey.
It is always better to have a seperate email account only for surveys so that you dont missout on any oppurtunity given to you.
surveysavvy is another site thats needs an introduction.Surveys here are not that frequent as corp scan but when the do send a survey be sure thats a survey which pays you hugely,even upto 1000rs(25USD).It also has a god referral system where if you refer your friend about them and if they complete a survey you get paid 2 USD.
planet pulse is another group mainly concentrated to australians but even internationals can participate in its surveys.Each dollar is worth 100 pulses and once you accumulate 2500 pulses you can redeem for cash or a gift cheques paid in aus dollars.
ciao surveys is another good survey conducting site.They are even open for indian people recently and also they pay quite well.
spidermetrix is another site centralised to australia but open for others as well.Each survey depending on its length is worth 10 to 20 spider points.Once you accumulate 50 spider points you can redeem for cash or a gift cheque.Cheques are sent in aus dollars.
permission research is a group that do not send surveys but pay you for installing a software that allows them to monitor your internet actions.Their main aim is to help the improvement of internet.Dont worry about your valuable passwords and other private information,they have a privacy policy.
there are many other sites which offer surveys such as pure profile,get counted,your say,global test market,planet panel,harris poll online,american consumer opinion panel,opinion india.
The links to the above mentioned websites are provided below.

enough said give me the list of websites?

corp scan online
evaluate evolve enable
survey savvy
intelligence adds up
planet pulse
make it count
permission research
members improving the internet
ciao surveys
take paid surveys online
pure profiles
your participation pays
spider metrix
a penny for ur thoughts
where your opinion matters most
global test market
a rewarding experience
opinion india
hear india's opinion
planet panel
your opinion


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