Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An electric car from Ford motors

One of the best known car manufacturers worldwide is the Ford Motor Company. As one of the largest car companies, they have been in no rush to get into manufacturing the electric car market. Due to consumer demand, an electric car was manufactured, placed on the market and sold by Ford - a cleaner, environmentally friendly car producing less pollution and no greenhouse gas emissions. It was their first version of an electric car,
called the Think City electric, Ford produced many years ago, and a lot of people were keen to take advantage of this new vehicle. It was pollution free and more energy efficient than a fuel powered car. The United States have very rigid standards about the road safety of vehicles on their road, so the Think City electric didn't meet those strict standards. Ford had to cease production of their first prototype and as a result many of the cars were returned once customers had reached the end of their leases. The cars were then crushed as they couldn't be sold in America. So Ford no longer market the Think City cars, although a few can still be found.
Ford have now implemented and produce hybrid electric cars after much research. These mostly run on battery power, as well as being able to use gasoline power at the touch of a switch. Many of these electric cars can be seen on the roads. As a leading manufacturer of electric cars in the industry, Ford decided to branch out and produce electric vehicles such as Ford trucks, mini-vans and the SUV's, rather than limit their production to just electric cars.
Ford mostly produce electric cars of the hybrid version to meet safety standards, but abroad you can find Ford brand electric cars. Many countries do not have as rigid safety standards, so the electric car can be seen driven by even more people in countries such as England and France.
Some people may be disappointed that Ford had to move from producing electric cars to hybrid vehicles, but as they weren't able to meet the safety standards, there was no choice for the company. As a result it was more cost efficient to produce a more environmentally-friendly vehicle to cope with their customers' demands, than it was to keep the electric cars on the road and try to meet the safety standards.
Ford do continue to listen to their customers and are trying to come up with a suitable model for an electric car. As leaders in the industry, it may only be a matter of time before they can replace the hybrid version with a new exacting Ford brand electric car. Customers will have to wait and see what comes up in the future. With the fast pace of modern technology, it could be possible.